2015 Year in Review

They say…”the days are long, but the years fly by!”  I can’t believe how quickly 2015 came and went.  I still sometimes find myself telling people “We’re new here” or “We just moved here,” but we’ve lived in Florida almost a year!

2015 was a big year for us, lots of new things and many firsts!  This is our 2015 Year in Review.

January – We started off the year with a cross country move from Washington State to Florida.  It took us 5 days, we stopped in states like Idaho, Wyoming, Missouri, and Tennessee.  Here are some pictures of our journey:

Road Trip!
Someone was not happy about moving 😦


February – February was spent adjusting to our new home and exploring our new surroundings.  I also celebrated my birthday in February!  The beach is less than ten minutes away.  Pensacola Lighthouse and Fort Pickens in Alabama were the highlight of this month.

Navarre Beach



March – More exploring in March.  We checked out Fort Morgan, the Pensacola Barbeque Festival and some hiking in Blackwater State Park.




April – It was finally warm enough for the beach!  We spent lots of time at the beach or the pool.  Jeremy and I celebrated our 11th anniversary in April.


Happy 11th Anniversary!

May – May was a special month because my little girl had her First Communion.  Jeremy and I went on a mini vacation to New Orleans, and Dean got his Driver’s permit.


Oak Alley Plantation
St. Louis Cathedral, NOLA


June – School’s out for summer!  We had a wonderful first summer in the gulf coast but the highlight of our summer was was visiting Tennessee for a family reunion!  Being close enough to drive to see family…priceless! Here are couple of pics of how we spent our time, boating on the lake.



July – Hot summer weather calls for activities to help us cool off!  July was spent either at the beach or the pool!  Cienna learned to swim and passed her deep end test!  Summer was a blast!


August – The kids went back to school in August, Dean started 10th grade and Cienna started 3rd grade.  Where has the time gone?

School Year 2015

September – September was awesome!  My sweet Cienna turned 9 in September!  We truly miss the majestic mountains of the Pacific Northwest, so for Labor Day weekend, my husband and I headed to Georgia for a weekend backpacking trip to the Appalachian Mountains. These are just a few pictures of our backpacking trip.

Appalachian Trail Georgia



October – Fall is my favorite season, and October is the official start of Fall.  Cienna was a Sugar Skull for Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

November – November was a great month.  My son turned 16 in November, I can’t believe how quickly 16 years flew by!  For his 16th birthday, he and my husband drove to Tennessee to watch our Tennessee Titans play.  Jeremy and I also ran our first races in Florida.  Jeremy ran the Pensacola full marathon and I ran a half marathon.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and we had a simple family celebration.  Instead of spending money on Black Friday, we opted outside!  November was a great month!

Before and After the Pensacola Marathon


Happy 16th Birthday Dean!

December – December was low key and all about enjoying some quality family time during the holiday season.  We had a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful 2015!  Can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring.  Thank you for taking a stroll down memory lane with me and for taking the time to read and follow this blog!



Happy New Year!


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