Jaye’s Anatomy: How I Got My Groove Back!

I’m a creature of habit.  I love routine, and when I get comfortable in a fitness routine, it takes a while before I get bored with it.  Sometimes along the way though, our fitness routines hit a speed bump.  Whether it’s because you want to change things up a little bit, get bored, or maybe trainers move on for whatever reason (gosh darn trainers and their lives, they’re supposed to be there for us, ALWAYS!  Lol.)

A while back I wrote my first Jaye’s Anatomy post about my fitness routine.  I loved that routine.  It had a full body workout, cardio and a Pilates/Yoga class.  I consistently attended each class, ran before some classes and did my long run on Saturdays.  Due to a trainer injury, and another trainer getting pregnant and moving out of state, my routine has changed.  I hit that fitness routine speed bump.  For a few weeks, I wandered around the gym, searching schedules to see what I could fill my days with.  I tried an aerobic step class, a Boot Camp class, and I ran now and then, but I was in a “fitness funk”.

I’m proud to say, I got my groove back!  I tried a few new things and I’m surprised to see I actually love things I initially thought I did not like.  My new fitness routine is pretty similar with a strength training class, cardio and a Yoga/Pilates once a week.

Monday – I start my week off with a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class called Total Body Sculpt on Mondays.  This class replaced my favorite class Body Pump. The instructor is awesome, and I learned a few new things like a “Deck of Cards” work out, and how to massage myself using a tennis ball, who knew?!  I love that we rarely repeat exercises, and we use different equipment like a Bosu that I’ve never used before.

Tuesdays/Fridays/Sundays are my days off!

Wednesday is Cardio!  I will either run a short distance (1.5-2 miles) and attend a PiYo class, or run a longer distance (3-5 miles).

Thursday is another Cardio day and a 30 minute class.  I go for one hour of Spin (which I previously disliked, and now love) and I also attend a short Abs and Glutes class, also known as “Butts and Guts!”  Two classes in one day, the police have to be called on Thursdays because I’m killing it in the gym, lol! 🙂

Saturday is a long run day, usually 5 miles.

We all experience fitness funks.  It happens to the best of us, what’s important is to find ways to get ourselves out of that funk.  Here are some ideas, (what I did that worked for me) that might also work for you.

1.  Join a gym or try a free trial. – Many gyms offer free trial periods before you are expected to sign up.  Use that trial period to try different classes, and maybe attend a class more than once because you might like the class, but maybe the instructor isn’t someone you connect with, or vice versa.

2.  Mix up your routine! – Our bodies get efficient at doing the same things.  While all exercise is of course great for us, our bodies get used to a routine, our minds do too.  Frankly, we get bored.  So try something new, or give something another try!

3.  Phone a friend. – I love the group fitness setting.  Being in a group motivates me.  Join a friend, or a group of friends, or make new fitness friends.  Sometimes we need people to help keep us accountable, and it can make all the difference.

4.  Go alone.  I love group settings, but I run alone.  I run alone because I’m slower than everyone I know, lol.  Going alone sometimes helps us to focus on something we want to improve.  Maybe going alone will re-energize you to get out of that funk!

5.  Write down your schedule. – Make a “To Do” list of your workout routine, set it in stone, or your calendar.  Having a clear, specific goal written down will make you want to check it off, because who likes a “To Do” list that isn’t checked off?  Take it a step further and post of your accomplishment on social media, “make it Facebook official” as they say.

Health and fitness is a lifestyle.  Sometimes we get burnt out or exhausted with our routines, and that’s okay.  Maybe the fix is taking a short break to help us to reflect and recharge, that’s okay too.  What’s important is we take steps to get back on the path to wellness, we have to find ways to get our groove back!  Have you ever been in a funk?  What did you do to get out of it?




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